UPDATE: We are excited to announce we are now accepting Blue Cross, Cigna, Aetna, and United Healthcare, which are normally $0 out of pocket.

Reasons to Consider a Lactation Consult

Painful Breastfeeding: We will work on a deep latch that should end (or greatly reduce) your breastfeeding discomfort and minimize nipple damage.

Low Milk Supply: We will investigate the hormonal, physical, and environmental causes of low supply, then work to maximize your milk supply.

Oversupply or Overactive Letdown: We will assess you milk supply, ease discomfort, and work to regulate your milk supply.

Gassy Fussy Baby: Usually this ISN’T related to the food you are eating. We will work to find the causes of the problem so that we can find a solution.

What Mom’s are Saying

I didn’t have enough breast milk and my baby wasn’t back to birthweight after weeks. The lactation nurse from the hospital wasn’t very helpful in my case. I was exclusively pumping for a while and had to supplement. I was miserable. Lottie helped me to get my supply up, get me away from pumping and helped my little one to like breastfeeding more than the bottle again. We had such a good experience and I am so thankful for Lotties help. Ulli M

When I first met Lottie, I had all the anxiety and hormonal feelings of a first time mom, a mom who was desperate to nurse her baby. Post delivery, the LC on call urged us to use formula because for some reason our son wasn’t nursing to his fullest potential and as a result, he was hungry. I made a follow up appointment at the hospital weeks later for more help, as I was determined to nurse my son, but was struggling to find all the answers on my own. The stars aligned and I was assigned to Lottie! My son is now 11 months and I am still nursing, thanks to Lottie. Lottie’s knowledge of babies and breastfeeding is astounding and beyond helpful. She was able to analyze my son and me to enable us to nurse successfully. Lottie made us feel safe, loved, and confident. She became a friend to me as we continued to see her weekly. We are forever grateful to Lottie for the love, compassion, and knowledge she shared with us.
Erica G.

I met Lottie when my first son was about 4 weeks old. I was a first time mom, scared and with no confidence in my ability to feed my own baby. I had almost no family or friends who had successfully breastfed their own babies, including my mom, and while my family supported me, they didn’t know how to help. Enter Lottie. She provided me a supportive environment, practical advice, and overall kindness in a very uncertain time in my life. I never felt ashamed for bringing any of my questions or problems to the table. She met me where I was and helped me to gain more confidence than I thought I could have. I would not have had the wonderful experience I had with my son, if not for her, and likely would have given up. Lottie is the best of the best! I couldn’t recommend anyone more highly.
Caitlyn K.